As a preface to this blog, I’d like to explain the origin and significance of the title. Jeff and I were married in Galena, IL on August 7, 1999.  As part of a surprise, Jeff gave me a framed copy of Pablo Neruda’s poem El Alfarero and also had the last line inscribed into my wedding band.  It reads, como una sola arena (like a single grain of sand).

The poem—and in particular, that last line—has found its way into our marriage at different times and places as a reminder of our union and dedication to one another. We recently purchased our first home and hung a swing on the porch. Jeff gave me small plaque that we would place on the swing that read:

y juntos
somos completos como un solo rio
como un sola arena

It’s often easier to feel like a single grain of sand when things are going well—but it’s most important when things aren’t going as planned.

On December 17, 2010, Jeff was diagnosed with Stage 3 (possibly 4) melanoma cancer.  The tumor has metastasized in one of his lymph nodes and has grown considerably.  In the course of 4 weeks, we received the diagnosis, found a clinical trial, and moved temporarily to Houston, TX.

My hope is that this blog will not only serve as a vehicle to update the people we love on the “goings on” of our lives, but it will be a record we can share with Santos when he is older so he will know of all that we went through because of love.